What does it take to become a part of the team?

Time Commitment:

When not activated, the group holds one communications net per month. The net lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. Additional training takes place monthly and the group spends approximately 1-2 hours a month on training. Some positions on the team may require additional levels of activity.

Training Requirements:

Working with public safety organizations requires us to use a common framework with them. We use the FEMA ICS/NIMS protocols to unify our efforts with our served agencies. A few hours of study will bring you up to speed on the ICS/NIMS system.

Required Equipment:

An FCC amateur radio technician license is all that is required to join. We primarily operate on the 2m and 70cm amateur radio bands using voice and digital modes. There are no minimum equipment requirements to join. Some positions on the team may have certain minimum equipment requirements.