What is the HVCCT group?

We are a group of amateur radio operators located in Washington County, UT who have volunteered to assist our local emergency operations center in the event of a disaster.

Why Join?

Amateur radio emergency communications is fun, challenging, and exciting! It’s a great way to get involved in the community, meet new people, learn good communications practices, and work with like-minded hams. Amateur radio operators have proven to be a vital resource in disasters, especially at the local level. Also, simply buying a radio and putting it in your go-bag makes you ill-prepared to communicate in an emergency. Good radio practices are learned and must be practiced in order to maintain a functional level of proficiency – especially during a disaster when emotions and stress are high!

Where do I fit in?

Our group is organized to maximize the efforts of our members and allow them to help in ways that work best for each operator. If you’re interested, we have a place where you can help. Family comes first! In daily activities or during an emergency, your family is always priority number one.

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